Christie’s Vegas Get-Away: Comparing Sandy-Katrina Notes

Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, in July 2011. Photograph by Peter Foley/Bloomberg

Chris Christie will head outside of New Jersey tomorrow for the first time since superstorm Sandy ravaged the state last month, with the governor attending a meeting of the Republican Governors Association in Las Vegas.

“I’m the vice chair and I have a leadership position and I think I should make an appearance,” Christie, the group’s vice chair, told reporters in Lincroft yesterday. “Secondly I want to thank a bunch of the fellow governors for their incredible response in this and I want to do it in person on behalf of the people of New Jersey.”

In the weeks since the storm, utility crews from Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts have been seen in New Jersey working to restore power following widespread blackouts, Christie said. Christie also said he’s attempting to set up meetings with Mississippi’s Haley Barbour and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, who both dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, to get advice on recovery efforts.

The meeting is scheduled to take place tomorrow and Thursday at the Encore hotel in Las Vegas, the largest U.S. casino hub. Christie is scheduled to speak at a session on Republican wins in gubernatorial elections and a press briefing tomorrow, though a schedule distributed by the RGA had him as a possible no-show due to the storm.

Christie said he expects to arrive at the confab late tomorrow and return late the following day.

 Elise Young contributed to this report.

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