King’s Caucus Call: Tomorrow

Independent Senator-elect Angus King from Maine. Photograph by Robert F. Bukaty/AP Photo

Senator-elect Angus King of Maine says probably will decide which party to caucus with in time to vote in tomorrow’s congressional leadership elections.

“I will probably have some comment for you some time tomorrow,” King, an independent who beat a Republican and a Democrat to replace retiring Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe, told reporters today.

King, a former governor who met this morning with Maine’s other Republican senator, Susan Collins, on Capitol Hill, said his decision would not amount to ” building a wall between myself and the other party,”

“Whichever decision I make, I am not declaring opposition or inability to work with or unwillingness to work with members of the other party,” he said.

Members of both parties have said they expect King to caucus with Democrats, who retained their Senate majority in last week’s election and will control 55 seats if King joins their caucus.

Still, Collins said she hoped King would align himself with Republicans.

“But regardless, I am confident that he will not be an automatic vote for either caucus and instead will look at the issues on their merits and will attempt to reach across the aisle regardless of which side of the aisle he’s sitting on,” she said.


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