Lawmakers Against Campaign Finance Reform May Have New Foe

A new coalition, including former Federal Election Commission Chairman Trevor Potter, Republican lobbyist-turned-convicted felon Jack Abramoff, Theodore Roosevelt IV, and representatives of both Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party have launched a campaign to push Congress to overhaul campaign finance laws.

The twist? The group,, first plans to get 1 million signatures endorsing the proposals, and then plans to wage campaigns against incumbents in 2014 who don’t sign onto the legislation.

“Our hope is Congress will heed the call to action,” said Josh Silver, campaign director, on a conference call with reporters today. “But if they don’t, we have plans for that too. The campaign will actively work to unseat members from both major parties.”

The legislation, the American Anti-Corruption Act, would prevent lawmakers from accepting donations from lobbyists and special interests whose issues are before their committees or subcommittees; limit donations to super-PACs; require former lawmakers to wait five years before becoming lobbyists; mandate full disclosure of all donations to any group spending at least $10,000 on political ads; and offering $100 tax rebates to small-dollar donors.

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