Boehner vs. Gingrich: Really

John Boehner was one of two nominated today for speaker of the House in the 113th Congress.

The other?

Newt Gingrich.

That’s right. The former Georgia representative who resigned his speakership in 1998 and then left Congress a few months later, and who sought his party’s nomination for president this year, was nominated to be speaker today by Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas.


Well, Gohmert noted that one doesn’t have to actually be a member of Congress to be speaker. Alas, no other Republican followed Gohmert’s lead, and the nomination was not recognized.

Boehner, the Ohio Republican who held on to his post by voice vote, will serve his second term as speaker starting in January.

It didn’t appear that he took Gohmert’s slight personally.

“Louie, I love you, too.” Boehner said to laughs, according to a staffer in the room.


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