After Obama-Vote, Scott Drops Opposition to ‘Obama-care’

Florida Gov. Rick Scott expressed his disappointment about the Supreme Court's decision upholding the core of the president's health care bill. Photograph by Steve Cannon/AP Photo

President Barack Obama has been Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s biggest political foil.

Scott launched his political career from Tea Party rallies in 2009 opposing the president’s 2010 health care law. On the campaign trail in 2010, many of his TV ads tied his Democratic opponent to Obama. Once in office, Scott used terms like “Obamacrats,” “Obamamath” and “Obama rail” to ridicule the the president’s agenda.

Now, Scott is rethinking his opposition to “Obama-care” after Florida voters last week supported Obama’s re-election and struck down a proposed constitutional amendment that would have made it tougher to implement the health insurance law.

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