Senate Battle Lines, Reid: We Won

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat from Nevada, on election night Nov. 6, 2012. Photograph by Joshua Roberts/Bloomberg

The Senate’s Democrats did well Election Day, and they’d like Republicans, and groups that support Republican candidates, to take notice.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid laments that his Republican counterparts have been “following the lead of the Chamber of Commerce, which is an arm for the Republican Party.”

The Nevada Democrat went on to explain that “It’s not the Chamber of Commerce, it’s just a front for the Republican Party. They spend huge amounts of money that they get from unknown sources to defeat Democrats.”

On the floor yesterday, Reid mentioned the Chamber, the largest business lobbying association in Washington, while noting his legislative priorities prior to Thanksgiving include a cyber-security measure proposed by retiring Sen. Joe Lieberman and supported by the White House.

The Chamber has been outspoken in opposition to the measure, saying in a letter to lawmakers, “S. 3414 could actually impede U.S. cyber-security by shifting businesses’ resources away from implementing robust and effective security measures and towards meeting government mandates.”

The majority leader shrugged off that criticism, something he did often during the summer months, reiterating, “they are opposed to this bill for not any logical reason.”

Last night, with additional senators joining his caucus, Reid left the floor with a final word for those who invested in defeating Democrats this last election: “They wasted their money this time,  but that’s the way it is.”



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