Koch Network Rides to Rescue of … Koch Business Interests

Hundreds of supporters signed the American Energy Alliance bus. Photograph by Allie Robinson/Bristol Herald Courier via AP Photo

The Center to Protect Patient Rights funneled $62 million into a series of nonprofit groups for the 2010 elections. The sources of the money were hidden from public view, Bloomberg reports.

The center was headed by Sean Noble, a former congressional aide with ties to energy billionaires David and Charles Koch.

Now the groups that Noble funded have launched an effort to kill the federal tax credit for wind energy, which competes with the Kochs’ business.

They include Americans for Prosperity, American Energy Alliance, 60 Plus Association, Club for Growth and Americans for Limited Government.

The ad opposes the “deplorable practice of using the tax code to favor certain groups over others.”

The groups are silent, however, about the billions in tax breaks that the oil and gas industry receive every year.

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