`West Wing Week:’ Edited-Reality TV

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama greet veterans and their families on Veterans Day, in Arlington National Cemetery. Photograph by Michael Reynolds via Bloomberg

President Barack Obama has had a busy week, his first week since re-election.

The White House has produced its own version of “West Wing” to dramatize it.

There was that visit to Arlington National Cemetery for Veterans’ Day.

There was that news conference on Wednesday, his first since June, in which the president declared he has “one mandate…. a mandate to help middle class families and people who are trying to get into the middle class.”

And today, the president prepares to embark for Asia, including the first visit of an American president to Myanmar.

Interestingly, the video makes no mention of what Obama learned the first day after re-election: His CIA director, David Petraeus, had been caught having an extramarital affair in an FBI investigation of e-mails with his biographer, Paula Broadwell.

Or last Friday: His nominee for Supreme Allied Commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Europe, Marine Gen. John Allen, is under investigation for his correspondence with the woman whose complaint about e-mail harassment launched the investigation of Petraeus.

Or this week, the outbreak of armed confrontations between Hamas-ruled Gaza and Israeli.

The White House adviser explaining the president’s trip to Asia, though, does note that they are looking forward to some Thai food:

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