Final Florida Count: Obama by 74,309

Photograph by Paula Bustamante/AFP via Getty Images

Dancers perform as more than 250 people line up outside the Miami-Dade elections headquarters in Doral, Florida, on Nov. 5, 2012 to cast absentee ballots in person, a day after a temporary shutdown at the site led to widespread confusion.

President Barack Obama won Florida by 74,309 votes out of 8.47 million cast, a margin of nine-tenths of one percentage point, according to an official count of votes from the state elections office.

Obama won 50.01 percent of the vote to 49.13 percent for Republican Mitt Romney in the state that was the biggest and most competitive of the nine where the candidates spent most of their time and campaign funds.

Obama’s win in Florida marked the first time since 1948 that the state voted Democratic in consecutive presidential elections.

Obama’s vote share in Florida fell from 51 percent in 2008, and he won a lower share of the vote than four years ago in 58 of Florida’s 67 counties. Yet Obama carried the state again mainly by increasing his vote share to 61.6 percent from 57.9 percent in Miami-Dade, Florida’s most populous county. Miami-Dade is about 65 percent Hispanic, according to the Census Bureau, and Obama’s vote share there was the largest for a presidential candidate since 1964.

Obama won Miami-Dade by 208,459 votes on Nov. 6 compared to a 139,280-vote margin four years ago. The difference of 69,179 votes almost matched Obama’s statewide margin of 74,309 votes.

Obama improved to 67.2 percent from 67.1 percent four years ago in Broward County, which cast the second-largest number of votes in the state, and to 61.9 percent from 59.6 percent in Osceola County, an area near Orlando with a burgeoning population of Puerto Rican Hispanics who lean Democratic.

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