Lobbyists Spend Millions to Talk Turkey

Photograph by Eric Francis/ Bloomberg

Butterball turkeys for sale in Omaha, Nebraska.

Groups tied to the Thanksgiving holiday are spending millions of dollars in the hope that they can give thanks to the federal officials and lawmakers who support them on their issues.

Bloomberg Government analyst Peter Brusoe offers some examples:

  • Seaboard Corp., the parent company of Butterball, spent $145,000 through Sept. 30 on such issues as grain inspection and mandatory country of origin legislation.
  • Perdue Farms Inc., where a tough man makes a tender chicken, spent $60,000 as it lobbied on the farm bill.
  • Campbell Soup Co., the parent company of Pepperidge Farm, spent $80,000 on food labeling, agriculture spending and food safety.
  • Kraft Foods, the makers of Stove Top Stuffing, spent $1.9 million on issues such as dairy pricing and animal antibiotic use.
  • Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc. spent $300,000 lobbying on hunger issues and government purchases of cranberries.
  • The National Turkey Federation spent $105,000 on agriculture spending, antibiotics given to animals, and other legislation involving drugs and animals.
  • The National Potato Council’s issues, on which it spent $60,000 this year, included nutrition programs and immigration.
  •  And the National Football League spent $535,000 on online gambling and disability benefits.

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