Fiscal Cliff Bonus Savings Offered: Un-sticking that Stuck Farm Bill

Photograph by Rich Clement/Bloomberg

Supporters for passage of a new agriculture law rally near the Capitol in Washington on Sept. 12, 2012.

Senate Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow  is urging her party’s negotiators to throw another big piece of legislation into the mix during fiscal-cliff talks.

Her suggestion: Look at the Senate-passed farm bill, S.  3240, according to spokesman Ben Becker.

Bloomberg Government analyst Robert Greene laid out the logic for this earlier this month in a BGOV insight ,which explains that the legislation that Stabenow shepherded through the Senate offers savings of $23.1 billion over 10 years and deals with food stamps in a way that have already passed muster in one chamber.

For Stabenow, the bonus would be to un-stick legislation that’s languished since summer.

Though the Senate passed its farm bill by 64-35 in June, the House has yet to vote on a full-scale agricultural policy bill. A measure approved by the House Agriculture Committee in July, H.R. 6083,  hasn’t been brought to the floor. Republican leaders have said it doesn’t have the votes to pass.


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