Obama Calling (#My2K): Tweets at 2

Photograph by Zhang Jun/Xinhua/Zuma Press

President Barack Obama answers a question posed to him on the social networking site Twitter at the White House in Washington in this 2010 file photo.

In his bid to reach out to a voting public whom he believes is behind him on the fiscal-cliff talks, President Barack Obama is inviting followers to a Twitter chat at 2 pm EST today.

At the White House Web-site today and on Twitter, the president writes:

“Good to see lots of folks on twitter speaking out on extending middle class tax cuts. I’ll answer some Qs on that at 2ET. Ask w/ #My2k –bo”

That hashtag #My2K, representing the $2,200 which the president says a typical middle class family stands to lose if Congress lets all of the Bush-era tax cuts expire at year’s end, is the meeting place on Twitter that the White House has created for people to be heard. Obama wants to protect the tax rates for most Americans and allow the rates to rise for households earning more than $250.000 a year.

That “bo” is the signature the president traditionally has added to Twitter messages on his account, to denote them from the staff-written messages.

Mr. President is probably the best way to begin that tweet with “bo.”



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