Fiscal Cliff Debate Is Running Out of Metaphors as Well as Time

Photograph by MGM/Everett Collection

Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon in "Thelma & Loise."

Automatic defense cuts scheduled for January have been called everything from a “self-inflicted wound” to a “Satan sandwich.”

Now, Marion Blakey, the head of the defense industry group leading the fight against the reductions, says, “Not only are we running out of time, we’re running out of metaphors.”

But maybe not quite yet.

Blakey sprinkled her speech with fiscal cliff metaphors during the Aerospace Industries Association’s annual luncheon, held today at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington.

“More and more, I think we’re like Thelma and Louise, getting closer and closer, as we careen off into the void,” she said, referring to the 1991 movie in which the main characters drive off a cliff.

Standing beside a clock counting down the time until the cuts begin, Blakey continued …

“I’ve got a better idea, let’s turn this tragic leap into a base jump,” she said. “All we need is a parachute” of bipartisanship, she said.

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