Kaine Forms ‘Common Ground PAC’

Photograph by Harry Hamburg/AP Photo

Sen.-elect Tim Kaine, center, arrives at a freshman Senators luncheon on Capitol Hill in Washington on Nov. 13, 2012.

Senator-elect Tim Kaine  of Virginia is sponsoring a political action committee he’s calling ‘“Common Ground PAC.”

As in the common ground that the former Democratic governor said he would seek in a Congress divided over issues including the so-called fiscal cliff and reducing federal budget deficits.

It’s a phrase Kaine used during his winning campaign against Republican George Allen.

The Virginia Senate election “proved that Virginians are ready to keep moving forward with leaders commit to finding common ground to help strengthen the middle class and the entire nation,” Kaine said in his victory speech Nov. 6.

While Kaine has a partisan political background as President Barack Obama’s first chairman of the Democratic National Committee, he opposed the administration on a few issues and said he wants to work with Republicans in the Senate.

Kaine proposed during the campaign that the George W. Bush-era tax cuts expire for taxpayers with annual income exceeding $500,000, higher than the thresholds of $200,000 for individuals and $250,000 for families that Obama is seeking. Republicans don’t want to increase tax rates on any taxpayers and are pushing Obama and Democrats to accept more cuts in spending.

Kaine’s Common Ground PAC is a so-called leadership PAC, which can raise campaign funds to donate to political candidates. Democratic senators and candidates running in 2014 probably will get money from the PAC.

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