Chris Christie Grew up with `Wise Guys’ Like Jon Stewart (Big Hug)

Chris Christie, fresh from an interview with Jon Stewart, says the two aren’t so different.

The Republican governor from New Jersey, who toured the country to boost the party’s candidates and serve as a surrogate for Mitt Romney, sat down during a “Daily Show” taping in which the host brought up Christie’s veto of a health-exchange bill and his post-Sandy cooperation with President Barack Obama after spending a year of knocking his leadership.

The two also touched on the hug Christie got from rocker Bruce Springsteen backstage at a Hurricane Sandy telethon and Christie’s fundraising trip earlier yesterday to Washington, which included a 30-minute Oval Office meeting with Obama. Comedy Central’s Stewart is an acknowledged Obama supporter.

“Jon Stewart and I both turned 50 in the last two months. We’re the same age and from the same state,” said Christie, who was raised in suburban Essex County near Newark. “I grew up with guys like Jon Stewart in Livingston my whole life, so I know wise guys. He’s a wise guy; so am I. We did fine together. It was great. I didn’t expect him to come in and hug me like Springsteen did.”

As an added bonus, Christie told reporters in Trenton that he received a call from his 19-year-old son at college at 11:30 last night praising the appearance. “It makes me cooler with the younger folks,” said Christie, who appeared on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” last month.



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