Scott Brown: `We May… Meet Again’

Photograph by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Senator Scott Brown, a Republican from Massachusetts, speaks during an interview at the Capitol building in Washington, in this July 15, 2010 file photo.

So was that a cheerful goodbye or something else?

It’s going-away-speech day on the Senate floor, and so far the one most likely to generate buzz came from defeated Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown,  who told his colleagues that “victory and defeat is temporary.”

Brown, who was unseated by Democrat Elizabeth Warren on Nov. 6, showed how interested he’ll remain in the inner workings of the Senate, talking about preserving minority rights and maintaining the filibuster. “We need to continue to have that vibrant debate,” he said. “To take that away and limit it, I think is a big big mistake.”

It’s not much of a stretch to connect the dots from talk about a Cabinet appointment for Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry to the possibility of another Senate run for Brown, and the short-timer’s closing remarks will only fuel more speculation.

Brown thanked the people of Massachusetts and said pointedly that this was his “closing floor speech for — this session — in the United States Senate.”

“Depending on what happens and where we go, all of us, we may obviously meet again,” he said, “but I’m looking forward to continuing on with those friendships, with continuing on working with my staff.”


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