Agencies Help Vets; Don’t Ask How

With $1.2 trillion in automatic U.S. budget cuts looming, some federal agencies have gotten tight-lipped.

Spokesmen for two federal agencies declined to discuss what their offices do and who they help once learning a Bloomberg News story would address the reductions, known as sequestration.

The reductions would affect all agencies except the Department of Veterans Affairs, which is exempt. Veterans programs in other departments aren’t immune to the reductions poised to begin next month, according to the story published today.  

When asked about the Small Business Administration’s programs assisting veterans, Michael Stamler, an SBA spokesmen, suggested reaching out to another spokesman “in, say, late January.”

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, part of the Department of Health and Human Services, also wasn’t interested in bragging about its work helping veterans.

Susan Anderson, a spokeswoman for the department office, said in an e-mail that she let her supervisors know “we would stay away from sequestration 100 percent and simply give an overview of our programs.”

“But they still won’t allow the interview due to the reporter’s ultimate angle,” she said.

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