Boehner: Christmas Every Day — `Like Candy and Nuts’ in the Capitol

Photograph by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Capitol Hill police check Santa Claus with a metal detector as he enters the U.S. Capitol on his way to Speaker of the House John Boehner's office on Dec. 12, 2012. The man was working with the group Catholics United, and wanted to urge Speaker of the House John Boehner to pass pending 'fiscal cliff' legislation before Christmas.

House Speaker John Boehner has warned his troops not to make any plans after Christmas.

Then again, every day is like Christmas, the speaker says — so long as people are playing with hypothetical solutions to the year-end fiscal talks that have ensnared him and President Barack Obama.  He said so in a brief question and answer session with reporters today pressing the Ohio Republican on what he might accept.

“Ifs, ands and buts are like candy and nuts,” Boehnner said. “If that were the case, every day would be Christmas.”

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