Budget Deadlock Becomes the Grinch Stealing Christmas

Photograph by Everett Collection

Max and the Grinch from 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas.'

The budget stalemate in Washington is turning into a Grinch for workers from K Street to Wall Street.

The White House and lawmakers this week warned their staffs that they might be spending the holidays in town, as both sides publicly refused to budge from their positions on taxes and spending.

They’re not alone.

Industry representatives, attorneys, financial analysts, lobbyists and others who must keep tabs on the talks are holding back on vacations, working through them or being put on call.

Tim Delaney had hoped to see family in Texas and Arizona for the holidays. Now, the chief executive officer of the National Council of Nonprofits is stuck in Washington because of a deadlock in budget negotiations.

“Holiday? Really?” he said. “It would be an unconscionable for us to take a so-called holiday when the lives and well-being of so many American people are at risk.”

A proposal under consideration to cap tax deductions, including charitable donations, would potentially cripple nonprofits across the country, from food banks to domestic violence shelters, Delaney said.

“Nobody knows what Congress will or will not be doing,” he said. “Historically, they’ve not met on Christmas Eve. But if they do, I will be here. If they don’t, I will still be here, monitoring what’s going on.”

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