Cliff: Make Way for Lame-Ducklings

The lame ducks are quacking their way back to Washington for today’s votes on the fiscal cliff.

Yesterday, Rep. Todd Akin cast his first vote in the House since Nov. 29. Akin, a Missouri Republican, lost a bid for the Senate on Nov. 6 .

Rep. Jerry Costello, a retiring Illinois Democrat who hadn’t voted since Dec. 4, voted yesterday.

Expect an almost-full House for tonight’s vote. Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, a New Mexico Democrat, is flying back to Washington today to make the votes, said Andrew Stoddard, a spokesman. Lujan’s father, the speaker of the state House of Representatives, died yesterday.

Other members who won’t be returning in 2013 haven’t been around much, if at all, since the election. Mike Pence, a Republican who was elected governor of Indiana, hasn’t voted since Sept. 21. Republican Roscoe Bartlett, who was defeated, hasn’t voted since Nov. 30.

There are three vacant seats in the 435-member House, all of which had been held by Democrats.

Former Rep. Dennis Cardoza of California resigned earlier this year. Former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr of Illinois resigned after suffering health problems and Former Rep. Bob Filner left office after being elected mayor of San Diego.


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