Obama’s Night Flight to Cliff’s Edge

Photograph by Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

President Barack Obama (C) and First Lady Michelle Obama talk with members of the military on Christmas, before departing for Washington on the 26th.

The president is squeezing in one last day in Hawaii before returning to Washington for five days of uncertain talks about taxes and spending with a deadline looming at New Year’s Eve.

Air Force One is scheduled for departure at about 10 pm Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time tonight, according to the White House.

That’s five hours behind Washington.

The Jet Stream offers a fast ride East, and Air Force One has certain reserve powers.

So President Barack Obama will fly, and one trusts rest, through the night for a Washington arrival likely sometime before noon Thursday, as Congress also returns for a few last days of attempts at averting the so-called fiscal cliff.

As Derek Wallbank reports for Bloomberg, any possible solution reached before Jan. 1 is likely to look a lot more like a “fig leaf” than any big deal.

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