NY Hearts Obama: The Bronx Claims President’s Top District in 2012

Photograph by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo

President Barack Obama greets Bronx Science High School students at the New York City Science and Engineering Fair.

To say the Bronx votes Democratic is a colossal understatement.

That swath of New York City was Obama’s second best-performing county in the nation in the 2012 election. The Bronx also includes the most pro-Obama congressional district in the nation, New York’s 15th, which gave the president 97 percent of the vote, according to data compiled by Political Capital.

Obama took 171,350 votes to 5,315 for Mitt Romney and 448 for other candidates in that district, according to our number-crunching.

While Political Capital hasn’t calculated the presidential election results in all 435 districts, we’ve analyzed enough of the election data — including in Democratic strongholds like Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia — to say with confidence that New York’s 15th, represented by Democrat Jose E. Serrano, was Obama’s top-performing district.

We spotted some precincts in Serrano’s district that gave Republican challenger Mitt Romney zero votes, including one that gave Obama 131.

Obama’s second-best district probably was New York’s 13th, an area of northern Manhattan and the Bronx where Obama took 95 percent. Democrat Charles Rangel represents that district.

The one-sided vote for Obama in districts like Serrano’s and in other large central cities also calls attention to a challenge for Democrats in their quest to win control of the House of Representatives: they’re less efficiently distributed across the nation than Republicans. Republicans control the House by 233-200 even though Democrats received over one million votes more than Republicans in the aggregate House vote.

Henry Goldman contributed.

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