Barbour 2.0: Republican Renewal

Photograph by Bob Daemmrich/Corbis

Henry Barbour

Henry Barbour, nephew of the former Republican National Committee chairman and one-time Mississippi governor, wants to see his party grow and win again at the national level.

In a wide-ranging interview in his office in Jackson, Mississippi, Barbour talked about his role on an RNC study group charged with conducting an autopsy of what went wrong with the party’s efforts to win the White House in November.

On immigration, Barbour said the party needs to soften its tone.

“Too many times we come across as hostile,” he said during an interview at his office and at a diner a few blocks away.

“I think that’s true with Hispanics,” he said. “Too often, the most vocal people in our party are the ones who come across as anti-immigration, not even anti-illegal, but just plain anti-immigration. We’ve got to change that.”

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