Bloomberg by the Numbers: 47

Photograph by Danny Wilcox Frazier/Redux

An NRA supporter in Des Moines.

That’s the percentage of House members who received funding from the National Rifle Association’s political committee in their most recent race, according to the Sunlight Foundation.

The NRA, which has 4 million members, probably will oppose a package of proposals to curb gun violence that President Barack Obama is set to announce today.

One of the proposals is a ban on so-called assault weapons. While the proposal has public support — 58 percent back an assault weapons ban, according to a Washington Post-ABC poll conducted Jan. 10-13 — the Republican-controlled House is unlikely to approve it.

“Reinstating an expired 1994 assault-weapons ban, administration officials have indicated, will be among the most difficult to pass, given opposition from gun-rights groups and their allies on Capitol Hill,” Bloomberg’s Lisa Lerer and Heidi Przybyla wrote yesterday.

The NRA supports a plan to put armed guards in schools. About 55 percent of people back that proposal, according to the Washington Post-ABC poll.

The New York legislature this week advanced a bill that would “toughen gun controls and make it easier to keep firearms from the mentally ill,” Bloomberg’s Freeman Klopott and William Selway reported.

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