Obama’s Alcohol-Free Treasury Party

Photograph by Pete Souza/White House

The White House Honey Ale

President Barack Obama said this week that he likes “a good party.”

He went looking for a going-away party next door today at Treasury, where Secretary Tim Geithner is preparing to step down.

At about 4 pm Washington time, Obama walked across the driveway between the East Wing of the White House and the Treasury Department, preceded by his nominee for Geithner’s replacement, White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew, and joined by a crowd of other close advisers.

Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were attending an event honoring Geithner, joined there by his family and friends.

The White House crew didn’t stay long, leaving at about 4:50 pm.

The in-town press pool posed a question to the president on the way home: You like a good party?

(He said he does, at the last press conference of his first term earlier this week, when asked why he doesn’t socialize more.)

“They didn’t serve any alcohol,” Obama replied today with a wide grin. “Still on a budget.”

And this, at a White House that brews its own beer.

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