‘Forward:’ Obama’s Second Turn

This day of private inaugural affairs featured some public preaching to the choir.

The president and his family this morning joined a celebration of the Rev.  Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday at Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church, celebrating its own 175th anniversary. Two churches formed the Metropoolitan, known, the White House notes, as the national cathedral of African Methodism –  Israel Bethel A.M.E., founded in l821, and Union Bethel A.M.E., founded in l838. The parent A.M.E. denomination movement grew out of an anti-segregation protest in Philadelphia in l787.

In a sermon filled with calls from the pulpit and responses from the congregation, the Rev. Ronald E. Braxton evoked a theme of Obama’s re-election campaign, “”forward,” in the telling of the story of Moses, urging the president and others to not to allow obstacles to interfere “where forward is the only option.”

For Moses, he said,  “Forward was the only option.”







The church hosted two pre-inaugural prayer services for former




President Bill Clinton and Vice President Albert Gore and their







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