Obama’s Chewing Stand

Photograph by Charles Dharapak/AP Photo

President Barack Obama chews gum as he walks towards Air Force One en route to Gulfport, Miss., in this file photo.

As marching band after band paraded by the glass-encased reviewing stand in front of the White House today, President Barack Obama could be seen inside, in the front row, chewing gum.

As the sun went down on the inaugural parade, and the president and first lady prepared for a night of inaugural balls, the reviewing stand remained an active chewing stand.

The president, a recovering smoker, has been seen chewing in public in the past.

The pool report from a recent G-20 meeting noted the presidential chomp:  “Obama has been seen chewing gum at G-20 meetings in Cannes, France, just as he did during a Pentagon retirement ceremony several weeks ago.”

He chewed at a memorial event for the tornado victims of Joplin, Mo.

And he could be seen chewing past dark tonight.

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