Jindal’s Warning to ‘The Stupid Party’

Photograph by Patrick Fallon/Zuma Press

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal in Iowa.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is a “shining star” of the Republican Party, “someone you can believe in,” Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said last night in Charlotte as he introduced the RNC winter convention’s keynote speaker.

Jindal proceeded to call his party “stupid” and advise that while it doesn’t need to change its principles, it does need to change just about everything else.

A governor who embraces a wonk persona, Jindal suggested a seven-point plan of action. It was filled with blunt talk: “Stop being the stupid party” and “stop insulting the intelligence of voters.”

Republicans have become too focused on the size of the federal government, he said. The party can reclaim its mantle of “growth and opportunity” by paying more attention to what’s going on outside the Washington Beltway.

Jindal spoke so rapidly that he barely took a breath between sentences.

He didn’t need to pause for applause; there was little.

The lukewarm response to exhortations to change makes some sense: Despite Republicans’ failure to oust the president or capture the Senate, the same group that listened to Jindal last night will today re-elect Priebus.

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