Bill, Hillary Clinton Walk the Dog

The saying, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog,” is often attributed to President Harry Truman.

It’s more likely an invention of the 1975 one-man play, “Give ’em Hell, Harry,” featuring James Whitmore in the starring and sole role as Truman — and the line is about life, not Washington.

Whatever it’s origin, a long line of pooches have provided friendship for the first families — there was “Buddy,” the chocolate Lab with Bill Clinton, “Spot’,’ the Springer spaniel with George W. Bush, and now “Bo,” the Portuguese water dog with Barack Obama.

And today, as Obama’s motorcade returned to the White House from his daughter’s basketball game, the first motorcade passed none other than Bill and Hillary Clinton — walking a dog.

The pool reporters following the president reported the Clintons seen on Massachusetts Avenue near the British Embassy, just around the corner from their home on Whitehaven Street — a home that the retiring secretary of state frequents more than the former president.

This is not a first.

The couple was pictured last summer walking their dogs in East Hampton.

The former first lady, who joined the former president at Obama’s second-term inauguration last week, also sat for an interview with Obama airing on CBS’ “60 Minutes” tonight.

Sans dogs, we assume.

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