Bloomberg by the Numbers: 64

Photograph by George Frey/Bloomberg

A man picks up a long rifle.

That’s the percentage of married men from the South who are gun owners, according to Gallup. That’s the biggest share among 66 sub-groups measured in Gallup surveys from 2007 to 2012.

Gun ownership “varies significantly by region, with Southerners more likely to own guns than those living in other regions of the United States,” Gallup’s Jeffrey M. Jones said in a written analysis. “Marriage is also a strong predictor of gun ownership.”

Men are three times more likely than women to own guns, 45 percent to 15 percent, according to Gallup data.

Congress is weighing President Barack Obama’s proposals to curb gun violence. The president wants to strengthen a background-check policy and ban sales of semiautomatic assault-style weapons.

An assault weapons ban would be defeated in the U.S. Senate “unless some lawmakers changed their current views,” Bloomberg News reported Jan. 26. Vice President Joe Biden last week urged Democratic senators to back a ban, Bloomberg News reported Jan. 31. The Republican-led House probably wouldn’t approve a ban.

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