Dodge Ram Loaded w/ Paul Harvey’s ‘God Made a Farmer:’ ‘Most Clever’

Chrysler and Fiat Chairman Sergio Marchionne should be expecting a call from Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

No, his company’s not in trouble – far from it.

Touring the floor of the Washington Auto Show this morning, the departing DOT leader gushed about the company’s Super Bowl ad for Dodge Ram trucks — the one with the voice-over of a 1978 speech by the late broadcaster Paul Harvey called “So God Made a Farmer.”

“It is the most creative, clever ad that I’ve probably ever seen,” said LaHood, who, as a congressman from Peoria, Illinois, represented a largely rural district before becoming transportation secretary.

“I will probably call Mr. Marchionne” to compliment it.

And tell him the ad probably played well in Peoria.

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