Obama, Romney Votes Trickling In — Still a 5-Million Margin for Obama

Photograph by Scott Eells/Bloomberg

A voter at a polling station in the Manhattan borough of New York, on Nov. 6, 2012.

So exactly how many votes did President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney receive in the November 2012 election?

It’s still a moving target — more than 90 days after the vote.

That’s because some states have issued amended vote totals, revising the numbers they originally certified a few weeks after the election.

New York election officials released a revised total yesterday, adding more than 8,000 votes, mostly from Suffolk County on Long Island. New York, where more than 7 million votes were cast, first amended its vote totals on Dec. 31, two weeks after electoral votes were cast.

New Jersey issued an amended vote count on Feb. 5, adding 2,315 votes to Obama and subtracting 520 from Romney. Colorado revised its results Jan. 24, adding about 300 votes. Wisconsin amended its totals in late December.

Look for Ohio election officials to post a revision soon. Obama beat Romney by 447,273 to 190,660 in Cuyahoga County in and around Cleveland, according to amended totals that county officials posted Jan. 24. Obama won Cuyahoga by 447,232 to 190,651, according to a document Ohio election officials posted in December.

For those of you keeping score at home, Political Capital’s nationwide vote tally at the moment has Obama with 65,907,124 votes and Romney with 60,931,731 votes.

Subject to revision, of course.

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