Huntsman Calls Rove ‘Yesterday’s Ballgame’

Photograph by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Jon Huntsman, former governor of Utah.

Republican strategist Karl Rove’s new plan to fund Republican primary candidates who he deems most electable has run into strong opposition from the anti-tax Tea Party and other conservative activists.

Now add former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman to the list of skeptics. Speaking on “Political Capital With Al Hunt,” airing this weekend on Bloomberg Television, the former Republican presidential candidate dismissed Rove and his plan.

“I think he’s kind of yesterday’s ballgame,” Huntsman said.

Referring to his party and its candidates, he said: “Politics isn’t going to win the elections for us. It’s not about people. It’s about ideas. And the ideas are going to drive people to victory.”

What kinds of ideas? Term limits for lawmakers. Nonpartisan redistricting. New campaign finance laws. Taking on banks deemed too big to fail.

 “We don’t have any ideas now that are big enough and bold enough and visionary enough for most Americans to say, ‘I like that, I want to sign on, and I want that person to lead me to the future,'” Huntsman said.

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