Will Ferrell ‘Waffles’ as He Backs Garcetti for L.A. Mayor

Will Ferrell Endorses Eric Garcetti for Mayor of LA!

Will Ferrell has taken to YouTube, not as Ron Burgundy, Ricky Bobby, Jackie Moon or any of his other film characters, but rather as a “native Los Angeleno, a father of three, and a business owner,” to urge his fellow citizens to vote for Eric Garcetti as the city’s next mayor.

In backing Garcetti, Ferrell cites his desire for “a city that is vibrant and healthy for my three sons and my four illegitimate children to grow up in.”

Garcetti, a city council member who formerly served as the body’s president, is among eight candidates to succeed Antonio Villaraigosa, who can’t run because of term limits, as mayor of the second-most-populous U.S. city.

Ferrell, the 45-year-old comedian who first became a star as a “Saturday Night Live” cast member, claims on YouTube that he and Garcetti, 42, were born in the same hospital, where they exchanged phone numbers. Garcetti was always “the idea guy,” Ferrell said.

Those backing other candidates should watch their backs, Ferrell cautions in the clip. “For years, it was known that if you messed with Eric, or E-squared as we called him, then you messed with Ferrell, or Sweet Buns, as I called myself,” he said.

Garcetti’s accomplishments, as listed on his website, include authoring the nation’s widest-reaching green building ordinance and the nation’s largest housing trust fund. But Ferrell focuses on another matter in his endorsement.

“I can’t speak for what Eric will do as a mayor, but I can promise you this: If you vote for him, there will be free waffles every Tuesday morning for the whole city of Los Angeles!” he shouts.

Looking at someone off-screen, he learns that “there’s no way that can happen.”

Recovering, Ferrell says: “But Eric will lead this city and represent us on a world stage, both economically and culturally. I know that’s not as good as free waffles, but it’s still pretty darn cool.”

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