Real Hearings, Real Debate for ’14 Budget?

Can regular order make a comeback?

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Barbara Mikulski said she’s working with her counterpart in the House to come up with a strategy for going into the next fiscal year without the need for a continuing resolution, Bloomberg BNA’s Nancy Ognanovich reports.

While acknowledging obstacles, the Maryland Democrat said she wants to re-establish the committee’s role in setting spending priorities by finishing up work on the fiscal 2013 bills and making good on a promise to return to “regular order” by developing and passing legislation for fiscal 2014.

“For 2014 we are going to have real hearings, we are going to have real debate, real discussions, and a regular order,” she said.

As for the current fiscal year, Mikulski told reporters that she met with House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers, a Kentucky Republican, to discuss options for avoiding a government shutdown when the current CR expires March 27.

Rogers has said he wants to attach to a new CR the annual spending bill for the Defense Department — which represents about half of the annual discretionary spending under appropriators’ control — as well as others related to military matters.


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