Fallon-Obama: ‘Mom Dancing’

Photograph by Chuck Kennedy/White House

The comedian Jimmy Fallon joined first lady Michelle Obama in the East Room of the White House on Jan. 25, 2012 to mark the second anniversary of “Let’s Move.” This year, Obama joined Fallon on his set. White House photo by Chuck Kennedy.

First it was Big Bird, dancing at the White House with first lady Michelle Obama.

Then it was the first lady, dancing on stage with Jimmy Fallon Friday night.

It’s all part of the “Let’s Move” campaign the first lady promotes for health and exercise — this is the third anniversary of the initiative; Fallon and Obama marked the second anniversary in the White House.

But not since Will Ferrell dressed up as Janet Reno for a dance party on SNL has anyone in the administrations had this much fun dancing — in public.

The “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” host offered an idea, too: a 2016 ticket of Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. The first lady said she actually has her eye on another job — when Jay Leno retires, she’s throwing her “hat in the ring.”

Welcome to the second term:

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