Washington Daybook: March 1

Photograph by David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Travelers wait in line to go through security in the departure hall at San Francisco International Airport.

President Barack Obama will keep up the drumbeat of blaming Republicans for not acting to avert the sequestration cuts during an appearance before the National Governors Association today.

The delays budget cuts will cause in air travel will be highlighted at a press conference held by Democrats including Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar also will also discuss the impact of sequestration on the national parks during a conference call.

Republicans will make their case on the Senate floor as the chamber considers a Democratic proposal to avoid the cuts, which are to begin March 1.

The Bipartisan Policy Center releases proposals for scaling back the federal government’s role in mortgage finance. The Center for American Progress hosts a discussion on the need for a financial transactions tax, with European Commission for Taxation and Customs Union Algirdas Semeta.

John Kerry arrived in London this morning, kicking off his first trip abroad as Secretary of State. He’ll meet with U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron before flying to Germany. A levy imposed by EU on U.S. bioethanol to curb competition for German, French, U.K. producers, which threatens to raise trans-Atlantic tensions over renewable energy for cars, takes effect today.

And ITC Judge Charles Bullock scheduled to release findings in patent-infringement case Cypress Semiconductor Corp. filed against GSI Technology Inc. over memory chips that store data

 Cary O’Reilly, Chelsea Mes and Laura Curtis contributed to this report.

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