Obama’s Nonprofit Draws More Fire from Campaign Finance Advocates

Common Cause President Bob Edgar, a former Democratic U.S. representative from Pennsylvania, today became the latest advocate of stronger campaign finance laws to come out against President Barack Obama’s new nonprofit organization, Organizing for Action.

Obama’s allies formed OFA from the president’s campaign committee to press for his policies.  The group can accept unlimited donations without disclosing them, though the group has said it will identify its contributors.

“President Obama’s backers should go back to the drawing board,”  Edgar said.  “The president may feel that he needs help from an advocacy organization outside the White House and the Democratic Party, but any group he creates should be fundamentally different from what we now see in Organizing for Action.”

At the very least, Edgar said, the group should follow the same contribution limits as the political parties by restricting donations to $32,400 a year and banning corporations and unions from filing its coffers.

Another campaign finance activist, Fred Wertheimer, last month called Organizing for Action  “an unprecedented vehicle for potential influence-buying, influence-selling and government scandals” for Obama.

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