Christie on Obama’s Budget Cutting: ‘Feels Like He Should Get His Way’

Photograph by Emile Wamsteker/Bloomberg

Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, presents his budget plan at the Statehouse in Trenton, N.J. on Feb. 26, 2013.

Could it be?

Could Chris Christie and Barack Obama’s new-found friendship be on the rocks?

A day after conservatives spurned the Republican governor of New Jersey as a speaker for their annual gathering, he placed the blame for the looming possibility of sequestration squarely on the president.

“I find it kind of hard to believe that we can’t find $44 billion to cut on a $3.6 trillion budget and not bring America to its knees,” Christie said today at a town-hall meeting in the northern New Jersey town of Montville.
“If you want real leadership, the executive has to provide it,” he said. “And I think this is a failing of the president — what’s happening right now. He’s stuck in his way. He just won the election and he feels like he should get his way.”

Christie, a 50-year-old seeking a second term in November, took fire from some within his own party when he embraced Obama following  Hurricane Sandy after he had spent the entire presidential election campaign stumping for Republican Mitt Romney. In January, he again drew fire from Republicans after he called out House Speaker John Boehner over delays in storm aid.

Christie, who spoke last year at the Conservative Political Action Conference’s Chicago conclave, wasn’t invited to the group’s 2013 Washington meeting next month, in part because of his post-Sandy praise for Obama, according to a person familiar with the group’s decision. The governor said he learned of the snubbing like anyone else: he read about it in the media.

“I get a few hundred invitations a week to speak — everything from like a local Kiwanis Club to national organizations,” Christie said. “Apparently I haven’t been invited. I wish them all the best at their conference. They have a bunch of people speaking there and if they didn’t want to invite me, that’s their call.”




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