Obamas-Clintons: Sequestration Dinner

Photograph by Kristoffer Tripplaar-Pool/Getty Images

President Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton in Washington,

Sequestration isn’t all that President Barack Obama ordered on March 1.

He also ordered dinner for Bill Clinton.

And Hillary Clinton, and of course his own first lady.

The Obamas and Clintons dined at the White House the night the president’s order went out for the across-the-board spending cuts required under legislation that gave the president and Congress some time to avert those cuts, which they failed to do.

“A lot of interesting dinners this week, I guess,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest said today — alluding to the dinner that Obama hosted at the Jefferson Hotel on Wednesday for a dozen Senate Republicans.

Did the former president suggest some outreach to the other party?

“Well I can confirm the dinner for you,” Earnest said of the evening at the White House one week ago today. “It was a private dinner that the president and the first lady enjoyed with President Clinton and former Secretary of State Clinton… They enjoyed the meal and they enjoyed the conversation, but I don’t have any more details to read out to you.”


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