IRS Star Trek Video: Beam It Up

Photograph by Paramount/Everett Collection

Star Trek

In the voyages of the Starship IRS, this was a malfunction.

The Internal Revenue Service said late today that a “Star Trek” parody video sought by congressional investigators “did not reflect the best stewardship of resources.”

Rep. Charles Boustany, a Louisiana Republican, sent the IRS a letter yesterday requesting a copy of the video and more information about its purpose.

In a statement, Michelle Eldridge, an IRS spokeswoman, said procedures now in place wouldn’t allow such a video, which she described as a “well-intentioned, light-hearted introduction to an important conference.”

The agency now requires more involvement from senior executives and an editorial review board.

The agency uses video to reach out to taxpayers and employees, and some uses are appropriate, she said. A Gilligan’s Island video saved  the IRS $1.5 million in comparison with in-person training, she said.

“This effort,” Eldridge said, “will make sure all videos reflect a tone and content appropriate for administering the nation’s tax system.”

No word on whether the executive review board is armed with phasers.


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