Rick Perry’s Two Reasons for 2012 — Remembering Both of Them

Photograph by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Rosemary Edwards of Austin, Texas and Steve Monisteri talk with Texas Gov. Rick Perry during the third day of the Republican National Convention.

Rick Perry offers some humility and blames a sore back when you talk to him about his 2012 presidential bid. He also sounds a bit like he’s thinking about running again.

In a Bloomberg News interview in Chicago, Perry said he expects to make his decision about a 2016 run “by the end of the year.” First, he said, he needs to decide whether to run again for Texas governor, a decision he plans to make this summer.

“If you’re going to run for president, you’ve got to start at least two years early — at least,” he said during a trip to Chicago to try to woo Illinois businesses to his state.

“You can’t parachute in, in August,” he said of his late-starting bid for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination last year. “We could have won, but we had to do everything perfect. Needless to say, we didn’t do everything perfect.”

Perry also pointed to the back surgery he had shortly before announcing his presidential bid.

“If you’re going to run for the presidency,” he said, “I highly recommend you don’t have major back surgery six weeks before.”


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