Bloomberg by the Numbers: 58%

Photograph by Richard Ellis/Getty Images

Republican candidate for the open Congressional seat of South Carolina, Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, greets U.S. House of Representatives Democratic candidate for the state of South Carolina Elizabeth Colbert Busch following their debate at the Citadel on April 29, 2013 in Charleston.

That’s the share of the vote Republican Mitt Romney received last year in South Carolina’s 1st District, which is hosting a special House election today (read about that race and the broader fight for control of the House here).

The Republican tilt of the district (map), which includes Hilton Head and part of Charleston, is the biggest advantage for that party’s nominee, Mark Sanford, a former governor and congressman who’s seeking a political comeback.

Republicans are linking Democratic nominee Elizabeth Colbert Busch, a business development official and an older sister of comedian Stephen Colbert, to national Democratic figures including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California. Colbert Busch regularly refers to herself as a “tough, independent businesswoman.”

Democrats have called attention to Sanford’s acknowledgement of an extramarital affair as governor in 2009, when he left the state unannounced for Argentina to visit a woman who’s now his fiancee.

While Colbert Busch had more money going for her in her campaign,  the latest poll portrayed a race too close to call.

Sanford and Colbert Busch are vying to succeed Republican Tim Scott, who’s now a senator.

Polling stations close at 7 p.m. EDT tonight.


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