Jerry Brown Channels Forrest Gump

Photograph by Ryan Anson/Bloomberg

Two of four 1,060-foot catwalks connect to the 525-foot main tower from the eastern end of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

So dozens of over-sized bolts built into the soon-to-be-opened $6.4 billion San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge snapped when they were tightened earlier this year.

What does California Gov. Jerry Brown have to say about it?

“Look, s— happens,” Brown said when asked today by a reporter whether the public should be concerned or lose faith in the project.

He had just finished delivering remarks at a memorial service for highway patrol officers killed on the job.

The Golden State is replacing the eastern span of the bridge, which was damaged when a 6.9-magnitude earthquake struck in October 1989, killing one motorist. It’s supposed to open in September after a decade of construction.

Earlier this year, more than 30 of the rods, each three inches wide and up to 24 feet long and a critical component of the new bridge’s earthquake safety features, snapped after they were tightened.

The state is testing the rest of the rods on the bridge and is developing a plan to fix those that failed.

“Very professional engineers are looking into it,” Brown said.

Remember, this is the governor who wants to “get s— done.’

That’s what he said at a press conference  last year announcing plans to build two massive, 40-mile underground tunnels to ship water to Southern California. He had asked the Legislature to build a canal for the same purpose 30 years ago, he noted, when he was California’s youngest governor. Now that he is back, as its oldest, he said in July:  “Analysis paralysis is not why I came back 30 years later to handle some of the same issues. At this stage in my life, as I see many of my friends dying — I just went to the funeral of my best friend a couple of weeks ago — I want to get s— done.”

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