Onion-Hacking: ‘Just the Beginning’

The Onion

Onion Twitter Password Changed To OnionMan77 — ‘That Ought To Do It’

It’s one thing when the Associated Press gets hacked.
    But The Onion?
    The online purveyor of parody, like the esteemed global news service and other serious outlets, had its Twitter account hijacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. This is no joke.
    “UN retracts report of Syrian chemical weapon use: Lab tests confirm it is Jihadi body odor,” said one tweet placed by the group supporting Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, reports the New York Times, which also has been hacked.
    The Times quotes a hacker with the handle “Th3 Pr0” as saying it took on The Onion because of a recent headline parody of the president at the site: “Hi, In the Past 2 Years, You Have Allowed Me to Kill 70,000 people.”
    “We hope people take it in good humor and understand our people’s suffering,” the hacker told the Times. “The Onion can do a much better job reporting the truth through its satire. Unfortunately even they seem to be biased.”The hacking victims include CBS News’ “60 Minutes.” The television program said last month that its Twitter account was “compromised.” Some of National Public Radio’s Twitter accounts were hacked as well, the company said.
    The group apparently feels emboldened by its hacking successes — including the fake report of bombs at the White House in a hacked tweet from AP’s account that put the stock market in a momentary panic.
      “We have a strategy and we are working on it very successfully,” Th3 Pr0 wrote in an e-mail to the Times. “It’s just the beginning.”
     “Onion Twitter Password Changed To OnionMan77 — ‘That Ought To Do It,’ Company Sources Confirm.”(This an actual posting of Political Capital, the blog.) 

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