Christie Confronts 2016, Springsteen’s Bouncers, Fleece Jokes

Photograph by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speaks at a joint press conference on November 4, 2012 in Hoboken, New Jersey.

The key to Chris Christie’s success? It must be the fleece.

The New Jersey governor, a 50-year-old-old Republican who made headlines yesterday disclosing his secret weight-loss surgery, poked fun at his purported 2016 White House ambitions and the now-famous monogrammed fleece he wore in the days after Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey Shore.

In a seven-minute video, Christie chief of Staff Kevin O’Dowd suggests buying a cut-rate, injured giraffe from the National Zoo in Washington to placate Democrats and secure a budget deal. “I know how much you hate getting coverage back in D.C.,” O’Dowd says.

Christie quickly asks if the move is “another thing that’s just going to annoy the base?”

The video, first shown at the Legislative Correspondents Club dinner in Trenton last night, then takes a turn when Christie discovers his notable blue jacket is missing from its glass case. Christie watches as his record approval ratings drop and his mojo dissipates. Bruce Springsteen’s bouncers deny him backstage access, Jon Bon Jovi says he’s “nothing without the fleece.”

James Carville and Alec Baldwin make cameo appearances.


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