Bachmann: ‘Lord Calling Me’ to Retire

Photograph by Michael Mathes/AFP via Getty Images

U.S. Representative and former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, Republican of Minnesota, tries Google Glass after leaving a meeting Republican Party Caucus on Capitol Hill on May 15, 2013.

“Michelle, My Belle,” the theme music plays in the introduction to Mike Huckabee’s interview with Michele Bachmann today — he being someone who won the Iowa Republican caucuses, she being someone who bombed in Iowa.

Bachmann explains her impending retirement from Congress after four terms.

“It really was a stirring in my heart from the Lord… I just felt this stirring that this chapter was coming to an end,” Bachmann says. “I am not done with politics… It’s just that running for this particular seat, this is coming to an end.”

Huckabee, a Baptist minister as well as former governor of Arkansas, says: “I totally can relate to that… It is your faith that drives decisions like this… Following convictions you believe God has put in your heart.”

It’s the same reason she ran for president, she says (she won the Iowa Republican Party’s straw poll but finished. “I have just tried to follow where the Lord has called me to go… This is really a leap of faith. The Lord is calling me to not seek another term in Congress, but it is a leap of faith because I do not know what I will be doing next… I fully believe the Lord… Will tell me where to go.”

“I’m not a super saint,” says Bachmann, whose congressional campaign has paid a $8,000 fine to the Federal Election Commission for bookkeeping errors in its contributions. Her 2012 presidential campaign also is under scrutiny. “It’s because I recognize what a profound sinner I am that I need a savior,” she tells Huckabee.

“I appreciate the clarity of your convictions,” Huckabee says in the interview on “The Mike Huckabee Show.”


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