Lew’s News: Signature Fit for Circulation — See it Now (Online)

Photograph by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Jacob “Jack” Lew, U.S. treasury secretary, during an interview in Washington, D.C.

Updated at 2:05 pm EDT

Jack Lew had some work to do.

With his personal signature, that is.

President Barack Obama said so, when he nominated his chief of staff to serve as Treasury secretary.

Lew has reported back now, on the Treasury’s Twitter page.

Coming to a currency near you this fall:

It’s, well, better. The swirling loop-de-Lew that had passed for his Hancock was a subject of much amusement at the White House. But now that he goes by Jacob J. Lew, secretary of the treasury, the question of his mark on the currency is no laughing matter. Lew had assured Obama “that he is going to work to make at least one letter legible in order not to debase our currency,” the president said at Lew’s nomination.

Note: Treasury’s tweets today called him Jack.

The secretary already had shown signs of refining his signature in public letters — such as one reporting on the Social Security and Medicare trustees’ predictions. (It was almost legible, and appears to have found its permanent home now.)

This is a big deal. Treasury secretaries have been signing greenbacks for almost 100 years:

Treasury answered the long-awaited $1 question with a heads-up to watch for Lew’s news:

Still,  it will take some time before Lew’s new signature is on the street:

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