Stockman: AR-15 ‘Torch of Liberty’ — and Yours, Before Obama Grabs It

Photograph by George Frey/Bloomberg

A customer prepares to fire an AR-15 rifle at a gun range in Utah.

Get your AR-15 while the getting’s good.

That’s the word from Rep.  Steve Stockman, a Republican from Texas.

He is  raffling his Bushmaster, explaining that President Barack Obama wants to take the assault weapon away from him. (Obama has not pushed for an assault weapon ban, it’s worth noting, but has endorsed a move for tougher background checks for gun-buyers, which died in the Senate.)

As former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona and husband Mark Kelly embark on a several-state “Rights and Responsibilities” tour pressing for a revival of the background checks for gun-buyers, their tour starting at a firing range, the congressman from Texas takes a different approach to the debate.

“Make no mistake. Obama wants to repeal the Second Amendment, even if it means goon squad regulations,” Stockman says in an e-mail to supporters. “Deep down Obama would love nothing more than to confiscate every gun in America and imprison every gun owner. Obama would love to grab my Bushmaster AR-15 and have it cut into pieces, along with every other gun in America. Well, I won’t let it happen.”

Stockman is giving away his Bushmaster for free.

It is, he maintains, “a symbol of liberty.”

The AR-15 is “muzzle flash is the new torch of liberty.”

The drawing, of course, is July Fourth.

Giffords and Kelly might be asking the parents of the 20 children slain at Newtown, Connecticut, on Dec. 14 what they think about the torch used there.

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