Obama with DNC Donors, Serenaded by Keystone Protesters

Updated at 7:30 pm EDT

President Barack Obama was raising a lot of money from a small group this evening.

The president took a short motorcade ride from the White House to the Jefferson Hotel just before 6 pm.

He was meeting 24 donors for the Democratic National Committee, each paying the maximum of $32,400.

Across the street, a few dozen protesters stood with signs opposing the Keystone Pipeline that his party’s base is particularly interested in blocking — “Reject Keystone XL” and “Stop Keystone XL” read the signs, with people chanting “Hey hey, ho ho, Keystone XL has got to go.”

The president has said he’ll insist that the proposed pipeline is not a threat to global warming before approving it — if he does. The fundraiser, meanwhile, had traffic pretty well tied up north of the White House.

When he left the fundraiser shortly after 7 pm, the protesters were gone.

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